Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Simon Education®?
    Simon Education (SE) is an innovative education system that holistically develops the student to achieve their full potential in English, mathematics, science and cultural literacy for children from five years to sixteen years of age. Simon Education runs Saturday schools and learning centers in the UK. The Simon Method was started by David Simon in 1987 and has helped thousands of children by providing them with additional learning support.
  2. How big are the class sizes and what ages do the centers cater for?
    Simon Education classes run on the ratio of 1:12, that is there are not more than twelve children in any one class. The centers take on children between the ages of 5 to 16 years.
  3. What is the Simon Education Method?
    Based on the bestselling book How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius, the Simon Method develops the child holistically by not only supporting the student in mathematics, English, science and cultural literacy but raises the family’s awareness of diet and learning, creative learning, thinking skills, family learning and leaderships skills. SE takes your child on an exciting learning journey where the child is encouraged to think, contemplate, question and discuss with other children and by themselves.
  4. What is the Simon Method?
    The Simon Method is based on the eleven step program as outlined in the book How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius. The Simon Method works on the basis that every child has great potential and it is the job of the teacher and parent-teacher to unlock this genius.
  5. What will my child do at Simon Education?
    Simon Education (SE) centers and Saturday schools provide welcoming environments where your child receives tuition in English, mathematics and science by teachers who are trained in the Simon Method. Children attend for two hours each week. Typically they will complete two hours of mathematics or English (these two subjects alternate each week) and forty-five minutes of science or cultural literacy. The child is taking on an exciting learning journey where they are taught the main subjects, and are also inspired by famous quotes, proverbs and mind games. At Simon Education children develop their study skills which they can use in other subjects besides the ones that they study at SE. This lays the foundation for your child to become confident learners with improved self-esteem that will lead them to become even more successful learners.
  6. Who is David Simon?
    David Simon is an innovative author and educationalist who worked as a teacher in London for over twenty-five years whilst running Ebony Education Community Interest Company which he founded in 1987. Ebony Education has won several awards. His best-selling book, How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius has sold thousands of copies throughout the world. David has run workshops all over the world demonstrating the Simon Method.
  7. How have the parents rated the Simon Method?
    Over 90% of parents have rated the How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius workshops and the additional learning support provided by Simon Education as excellent.
  8. How can I find a Simon Education Learning Center?
    Please see our directory.
  9. What time do the classes take place?
    The classes normally take place in a school or library from 11am to 1pm (Saturday schools) and 4.30pm to 6.30pm (learning centers) during the week.