to enrol call: 020 8859 3388, or complete and return the enrolment form.

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to enrol call: 020 8859 3388 or sign up online.

Read more: download prospectus

We provide a unique range of educational books, buy online now. How to Unlock Your Genius a free online course: watch here

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Global African Studies: an eLearning course. Find out more ...

Welcome to Simon Education

Simon Education (SE) is an innovative education system that holistically develops the student to achieve their full potential in English, mathematics, science and cultural literacy for children from five years to sixteen years of age.

Simon Education runs home tuition services and an online school for both UK students and international students. The Simon Method was started by David Simon in 1987 and has helped thousands of children by providing them with additional learning support.

Our Success

Our success is based on working with children and young people whilst also working with parents by publishing and delivering courses such as: How to Unlock Your Child's Genius and How to Unlock Your Family's Genius.